Birth Doula Support

$2100 -$2500

$2100 Out-of-Pocket Installment Payments                           


$2500 FSA/HSA One-Time Payment

Support during pregnancy, birth & postpartum

-Two prenatal in-home visits (3hrs each)

-Open Communication & Support at all times (via text, phone/video calls, email) 
-Labor Preparation
-Birth plan/preferences Planning
-Stress evaluation/management
-Comfort measures Awareness & Practice
-Partner/Loved One Participation Preparation
-Evidence Based Birth® Awareness

-Guidance on Informed Consent and Decision Making

-Spinning Babies® Parent Educating
-Preventing the Unnecessary Cesarean Planning
-Nutrition Guidance

-Unlimited phone consultations
-24/7 on-call support at 37wks onward
-Early labor support
-In-home labor support
-Continuous labor support at Birth Location
-Backup doula support
-Immediate postpartum support at Birth Location (up to 2hrs)

-Immediate and ongoing Breastfeeding Support.
-Two in-home postpartum visit (up to 4hrs each)

In-Home Childbirth Education

$400.00 (Installments Accepted)

In-Home Childbirth Education: 2 Sessions, 3hrs each (OR 1 session, 6 hours)



-Stages of Labor
-Understanding what the body and baby are doing
-Emotional preparation
-Tips for Progressing in Labor
-Importance of Baby’s position in Labor
-Best Practices to Encourage Spontaneous Labor
-Options and comparison for early laboring at home vs hospital
-Pain Management Options
-Comfort Measures in home & hospital
-Hands-on Practice of Support for Partner
-Making Informed Decisions

-Creating Your Birth Plan
-Understanding and lessen chances of Induction
-Evidence Based Birth® awareness
-Discussion of Preventing the unnecessary cesarean

-Spinning Babies® Parent Education Hands-on Session

-Integrative Nutritional Counseling for labor, birth & postpartum

-Postpartum Preparation

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Alternative Packages

$1500-  2 Virtual Prenatals, 1 postpartum

$1800- 1 Prenatal, 2 Postpartum

Sliding Scale Rates Available for Low-Income Families

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